Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It arrived in the mail today, yeshiva tuition bills for the upcoming year. Where is the money going to come from? Why does a religon have to cost so much money? Is it normal to be getting a tuition bill that is more than the annual income of most Americans?

This topic also came to mind after reading ekvetchers discussion on parenting http://search-for-emes.blogspot.com/. The orthodox parent spends a fortune on raising his kids. In addition, the orthodox parent strives to be a role model of how a frum person should live, which is no less of a sacrifice and is often done only because the kids are watching; it might be by going all out to make that minyan, higher kashrut levels, learning, or give tzedaka etc. But my focus in on money, and why does it have to be so friggin expensive to be part of the orthodox community.

As a skeptic this is a very trying time. I think of how my children will be relegated to having to live in grossly expensive neighborhoods within the eruv, needing large cars to carry their brood, 4 sets of dishes and appliances, exorbitant tuition fees for their kids, overpriced kosher food in shops and restaurants, sheitels/hats/shtreimels?, shabbat clothing, cost of PESACH our holiday of freedom and redemption etc.

By paying their yeshiva tuition, not only am I taking a big financial hit today, I am condemning my children to an expensive future existence on this earth. Its like I can say that the future expenses of my child on this planet will be millions of dollars more now that I have brainwashed him to live as an OJ. Whereby at best they will be forced to pursue lucrative professions or businesses, while at worst will marry for the wrong reasons, or engage in fraudulent activities.

As you all know, for me the jig is up, I dont believe, please see archive posts. However, my spouse remains in the fold and yeshiva education for kids was never a question until this past year. Further, grandparents would be shocked not to see grandchildren in orthodox school system. I could even say that I would like my kids to know how to learn pshat in tosfos and know their heritage as well as I do.

I think all the $$$ living in the OJ world is about socialization and separation. You are basically paying to be part of the club. Its not about spirituality or learning midos or how to be a happy or effective person. Why does a religon, which is meant to be about God and spirituality, end up being a huge financial millstone for its adherents. God knows.


SJ said...
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SJ said...

read my blog. XD

Nimrod said...

Read your blog,

a bit too angry, chill out

that being said I agree with your Aish.com video critique and also posted on it

SJ said...

nimrod thanks for commenting and i am sorry if there's an impression of me being "too angry."

-suitepotato- said...

On topic...

Same reason that so many people go OTD: exposure to a free, open, pluralistic society.

jewish philosopher said...

But, if you're Frum, think how much you save by not paying for Internet porn.

Nimrod said...

Jewish Philosopher,

as usual your comments show how sick you really are, nuff said