Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dont Move On

Behind some doors.
People are waiting.
People are waiting to sparkle

Kind of sad that I am quoting teenybopper lyrics. Seems to be common amongst us OTD'ers. I guess music gives voice to the tremendous emotions around the religous detox program. Even the philosophic XGH breaks into song on occasion of despair.

What does "Dont Move On" mean to me? It sort of captures the paradox we are in. We are at a new level of understanding of our past, our years of learning and upbringing. We have committed years of our life to trying to understand what is god and religon. And we have reached conclusions that go up against all of the things that we have believed to be true for so many years.

But we cannot move on. We are still in the OJ world.

We are stuck. We can replay our greatest hits (See http://classikefira.blogspot.com/) and spend our days going on the same feedback loop debate processes with the fundies. But:

Behind some doors
People are waiting
People are waiting to sparkle

Living a lie, behind a door, is not living. It is not being who we really want to be. For an atheist or agnostic, who dont put much purchase in the world to come, this is a really bad move. But for a man who loves his wife ...

Dont Move On


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